It is messy

January 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

messyYou have to start someplace and for me that was taking all of these posts since 2008, organize them into something that resembled chapters for a book. So I started a mind-map,  re-reading each post in the attempt to group them into relevant groupings which I
hoped would eventually form the structure of a written book.  What resulted was a horrid mess with some resemblance of chapter titles. Most of all it was a mess. It did help to get all of my thoughts, complete and, well not so complete, on one page.

This visual really shows how messy the first steps can be of any art endeavor. A canvas can be clean until the first brush stroke of paint. A sculpture can look jagged and broken until that first cheekbone or hand begins to emerge from the marble.  Chaos has to be the starting point or one will never begin. Perfection will stifle even the most creative effort. So this journey starts in what may look like a tangled birds nest. But nonetheless it starts.